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Product Adoption

CHA gives technology vendors a platform to consult directly with biopharmaceutical companies by creating a consortium of biopharmaceutical companies to assess and evaluate the vendor’s technology. The consortium may also provide a set of proprietary compounds and data (structures blinded) to conduct a technology evaluation and validation experiment featuring the vendor’s platform.

CHA’s Product Adoption consortium provides:

• a proven ROI model for new sales (approximately 33% of participating pharma companies purchase or lease the featured technology)
• a one-stop channel to leverage multiple pharmaceutical companies for direct input into the technology design and overall business model
• a “pre-approved” process for validation and an aggregated data set for more powerful validation
• an easily accessible compound/data set
• a 4-6 month relationship-building opportunity with potential customers

Elements of the Product Adoption program:

• CHA coordinates the design and execution of a validation experiment around a specific technology
• CHA manages and chairs regular meetings between consortium members and vendor (via web conference)
• CHA blinds all compounds
• The consortium is comprised of 4-10 pharma companies, with each member company designating one representative for project team of the consortium 
• Member companies contribute 5-20 compounds and accompanying safety data
• CHA, in partnership with the vendor, leads a set of validation experiments
• Each project requires participation from relevant scientists from member companies
• Results of the screening experiment are made available to contributing companies and the vendor.


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