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Lead Generation

CHA leverages its access to and relationship with the biopharmaceutical market (including a database of more than 500,000 active email addresses) to forge relationships between technology vendors’ thought leaders and biopharmaceutical companies’ decision makers.
The overall objective of the CHA lead generation program is to integrate a technology innovator’s expertise and insights into community and social media programming, and grow revenue by establishing the vendor within the market as a leading expert and service provider. Specific objectives include:

• integrating a technology innovator’s expertise and knowledge into CHA’s social media and virtual programming 
• generating leads (identifying the influencers at biopharmaceutical companies most interested in the specific solution)
• showcasing the product or service to a specific target market
• conducting market research and gathering feedback around the product/service and brand
• building or growing important relationships with key opinion leaders in the industry


Specific components of our lead generation program include:

Web Conferences

a) Webinar
Typically our webinars feature an expert panel and/or presenter (including a representative from the technology vendor) to discuss a specific topic of interest. Webinar attendees are in listen-only mode but can interact (ask questions of the panel or presenter and participate in online polls) via the webinar console. Webinars are typically 60 minutes in duration.

b) Virtual Roundtable (Meet-the-Author Web Conference)
Virtual roundtables are peer-to-peer meetings between the vendor and a target audience of 10-12 participants on a topic of shared interest. They are conducted via web conference with slide support. The roundtables are structured to enable participants to pose questions to an author/subject-matter expert featured in a current article or research paper. The article or white paper is promoted prior to the event to generate interest and develop some knowledge around the specific topic to allow participants to engage in a more in-depth and meaningful discussion. Virtual roundtables are typically 60 minutes in duration.

c) Virtual Conference
These meetings combine aspects of both the webinar and the virtual roundtable. The initial stage of the web conference features a plenary presentation or panel discussion, where attendees are in listen-only mode. At the conclusion of the session, attendees move into a virtual roundtable, where they engage in a facilitated, open conversation with other attendees. At the close of the roundtable, attendees return to participate in the next plenary session. Typically virtual conferences include 2-3 plenary sessions and 2-3 different roundtables designed to maximize networking and idea-sharing. Virtual conferences are typically 3-4 hours in duration.


Technology Showcases
This program feature a twenty-minute technology showcase presentation by the technology vendor to members of CHA’s exclusive, private online community, the Drug Safety Executive Council (DSEC). Videos of technology showcase presentations are featured on the DSEC website for a minimum of three months.


Featured Online Discussions
The technology vendor is invited to host an online discussion in one CHA’s online communities. Featured discussions are promoted to members for a period of one month and archived on the site indefinitely.


Article or White Paper Promotions  
The technology vendor’s article or white paper is distributed to targeted lists within CHA’s online community population via email or web promotion. The program includes one article or white paper authored by or featuring the innovator, which is deemed to provide rich and valuable content for the targeted members.


Member Polling and Surveys
Throughout and at the conclusion of CHA webinars, attendees are asked to complete an online survey. During a webinar when the technology vendor is participating, the survey can include questions specific to the vendor’s product or service to qualify leads on behalf of the vendor.


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