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 Market Research

Through the following core functions, CHA identifies and characterizes the challenges a technology innovator must overcome and the knowledge the innovator must obtain in order to maximize market potential:

1) Explore critical issues that shape the commercial development path of discovery and preclinical technologies (in silico, in vitro, in vivo).

2) Provide market access and interaction with interested customers, including pre-marketing through interviews, surveys and web presentations.

3) Develop a Strategy & Implementation Plan to inform and assist technology innovators with budgeting, marketing, operational planning, and identifying key strategic challenges, issues, and options.


Questions CHA would addresses through customized market research:

• What is the commercial niche for the technology?
• What is the target market within pharma/biotech (including both functional areas and likely decision-makers)?
• What is the value proposition that will be most compelling to those target customers?
• What is the path to adoption that offers the most opportunity?
• Who will be the influencers and decision makers?
• What compelling evidence/proof-of-value is required for widespread adoption of the platform?
• What applications will be most likely to drive mainstream adoption?
• How will the solution intergrate into the portfolio of technologies that potential customers will employ?
• What technologies are viewed as competitive versus complementary?
• What will be the differentiation necessary in product definition and marketing?
• What is the level of interest from the market for a specific type of technology?



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