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The organization and facilitation of industry consortium, where multiple organizations cooperatively work on projects that eliminate redundancies improve R&D efficiencies and reduce costs.  


Technology Evaluation Consortia (TEC)

CHALLENGE: The complex range new predictive toxicology technologies is difficult for any single biopharmaceutical company to effectively evaluate.

SOLUTION: Technology Evaluation Consortia are an efficient and cost-effective way to validate new predictive toxicology technologies.

Technology Evaluation Consortia (TEC) harness the combined expertise of representatives from top pharmaceutical companies to identify new predictive safety technologies and qualify the platforms using a shared library of compounds.

Member Benefits for Pharma Companies
• Reduction in time, costs and risks associated with evaluations of new technology platforms
• Existing library and infrastructure to efficiently engage in assessing novel technologies
• One-time cost for resource-intensive tasks such as compound and data collection
• Collaborative scale improves experiment validity
• Peer-to-peer learning for optimal knowledge accumulation


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